What Am I Doing??

What Am I Doing??

I ask myself this question daily! Girl… really it’s 2020 and you’re starting a blog, writing multiple coaching programs, running a custom designs business, managing a household, trying to build a strong marriage, taking on huge…..HUGE…..HHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE goals for 2020……

ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yes. The answer is yes.

But have no fear it’s the good kind of crazy. Besides who would I be if I wasn’t being true to myself and reaching for the big scary goals right?

We all have dreams and goals…we come up with plans to crush them and yet we still find ourselves continually trying to accomplish something to make us feel and believe we are knocking it out of the park. But in reality are we? Are we really doing what we should be doing? Or are we struggling to find the starting point in our goal crushing plan.

I believe we all have the best of intentions but get overwhelmed easily by the process. So let’s make this process easier on ourselves. I know what you’re thinking… “how in the world do we do that?” Well my friends lets dig deeper for a moment. Allow me to break down my big scary goals for 2020 to show you what I mean.

  1. write coaching programs
  2. start a blog
  3. run a business
  4. read through the Bible
  5. strengthen my marriage
  6. walk 2020 miles this year

Now here is where the fun kicks in …. trying to plan out time to do all this right? This is the part where you start to think about how crazy I am, about how you have no clue how I’m supposed to do all this.

This is the fun part… where I explain how to make the big scary stuff seem like simple everyday tasks.

The first thing I do when goal planning is to figure out what can be piggy backed. Once I figure out the multi tasking part then I determine roughly how much time I want to spend on each final task.

Alright let’s get straight to it then shall we…..


  1. write coaching programs
  2. start a blog
  3. run a business
  4. read through the Bible
  5. strengthen my marriage
  6. walk 2020 miles this year

Final Tasks

  1. walk/blog
  2. read the Bible/strengthen marriage
  3. blog/coaching programs
  4. run design business/blog/coaching
  5. walk/read/blog

Bear with me…. combining tasks to be more productive can look like many different things. It can be walking on a treadmill while blogging. Walking and listening to the Bible or another book on audio. It may mean walking for an hour on the treadmill and blogging for 30 minutes then reading for the rest. There are many different methods to reign in the madness of day to day life. What matters most is whether you are being a steward of your time or simply allowing it all to overcome you.

To figure out what is best for you I want you to take a minute, grab a notebook and make a list of things you can do that DON”T overwhelm you. Then make a list of things that seems to be anxiety triggers. Now the key to this is to simply write single items….. think of it as easy tasks vs. hard tasks.

Easy Tasks

Walking on the treadmill or outside

Cooking dinner

Running errands


Hard Tasks

Paying bills

Email cleanup/responses

Laundry ( I despise it)


Now that you have your lists together start thinking about what you can do to intertwine the easy tasks with the hard ones to make them more bearable. It’s also important to keep the thought process of ultimate productivity while sorting to your final task list.

For me personally I like to think about what easy task I can do either before or during the hard ones that will motivate me to do it and do it well and quickly if possible. This mindset lets me feel a sense of achievement. I have powered through the hard stuff and reward myself with something easier/more enjoyable.

Lets take laundry for example. Raise your hand if you’re like me and you absolutely loathe laundry. Like total Grinch on top of the mountain shouting hate….hate…. super hate…. LOATHE to every piece of laundry you have in the house. Because that is me ya’ll. I would rather do anything else that do laundry. So for me I want to see the light at the end of the laundry tunnel along with a stiff margarita or a giant bowl of ice cream as a reward for conquering the never ending beast that rears its head each week in my house.

My weekly war on laundry looks like this… headphones…cell phone… book on audio/ motivational podcasts….. and laundry. Sorting begins and so does the dread of folding so I play something to keep my mind focused on the positive. Get a load in the washer and now I have a good 35 minutes to dedicate to another task until its time for the switch to the dryer. Here is where I have to be strong enough to decide which task to intertwine with laundry. For me the best choice is walking…getting my miles in. With winter and the fact I have a complete home gym I am choosing to get my miles in by cycling and using the elliptical. However my limit is typically about 30ish minutes until my asthma flares so me this is a perfect short task I can check off my list while running laundry.

So laundry is in and I’m on the elliptical… headphones still on so lets knock out another task and get my daily reading done. This can be done with an audio version of the book or an actual paper copy. Once I have read my dedicated chapters of the day I can then working on blogging or another task that is easy to do on my phone while racking up those miles.

Once my workout is complete I am free to rest a moment before its time to switch the laundry. Laundry switched and its time to physically check things off my list…… oh how I love doing this!

So here we are and its been roughly one hour and in that hour I have finished the following.

  • laundry sorted
  • load in wash
  • inspirational podcast listened to
  • miles in
  • new blog post complete or social media posts scheduled
  • daily reading done
  • laundry switched to dryer and new load in.


Guys seriously…. look at what we have accomplished so far in roughly one hour. Rinse and repeat time! We now have a new chunk of time before its time to switch and fold our first load of laundry. So now it’s time to check off coaching work and design business work. Switch laundry, fold and boom rinse and repeat. Sounds like a song doesn’t it?

Task crushing, task crushing rinse and repeat oh task crushing task crushing rinse and repeat. ooooo ohhhhh. Okay okay I’ll stop singing.

There you have it my lovelies…. my method to my madness and how I create habits that will help me take one step closer to crushing my big goals. When we create small steps to work on daily we become one step closer to accomplishing our dreams. If you haven’t read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy I highly suggest you do so. The reality of it is that when we consciously make small choices that lead to giant achievements over time we in turn create a better lifestyle filled with better decision making. All of this helps us to become the best version of ourselves while knocking out the big and small goals and dreams that we have in our hearts.

If you still want to know how I complete different tasks or want me to dive deeper into methods and planning tools to break down goals into daily tasks then comment below or email your comments to flutterbythoughts1011@gmail.com

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