Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise

Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise


This girl right here loves and I mean LOVES to eat!! But ask me to exercise… or tell me life depends on it and i’m going to fight you tooth and nail. Like I probably can’t hurt you because i’m not strong enough but I will smack a bitch if you come between me and food. (yea yea go ahead and say… girl you’ll be strong if you worked out) blah!!

Here’s my workout…. lifting heavy cups of tea or coffee … let’s be real that’s hard work!! Does cuddling with my dog count? I mean she weighs 12 to 14 pounds easily and she’s short so I have to lift her up… that’s a workout right? Someone agree with me!

In all seriousness I truly want to lose weight…. I mean I am happy with how I look now… but with all the cute clothes in my closet that just are too small it’s really making me want to shed some pounds. Granted i’m sure my husband would be thrilled if I lost weight and got ripped…grrrrrr ( that’s my flexing grrrrr… did you picture some crazy lady flexing with a cookie hanging out of her mouth?) But my main goal is just to lose some pounds, and eat better.

So how much am I wanting to lose then…. y’all I can’t believe i’m putting this out there… but being accountable is the best way to do it….. ahem… ahem…….AHEM…… okay fine i’ll say it…..30 pounds. What’s that .. oh you didn’t hear it in the back row…. 30 POUNDS! For me this is a weight range for when I used to wear those cute clothes I wanna wear again so bad. But I am also aware that my ending weight may vary and I am okay with this…. as long as I can fit comfortably in those clothes.

So what am I willing to do…. well I am going to start by cutting down my sugar intake drastically. I am also exploring the whole yoga avenue. I’m not sure if going all in is best or if I should ease into it… so i’m erring on the side of caution and easing in.

I plan to update progress once a week with a weigh in… possibly measurements (not sure if I want to do this or not if so I will update this post with my starting #’s) I will also include my diet changes, and workout I did. I would love to hear your tips, tricks and best workouts for a (as my kids would call me) newb.

Wish me luck y’all!!

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