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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hey Hey Hey everyone!! I am not gonna lie there is a lot of excitement about starting a blog and even more nervousness. But I am a shoot it straight open book type of person … so if you are looking for the frilly, everything looks perfect type of blog then I hate to burst your bubble but this IS NOT THAT! Lol.. I am genuine, I am me and with that comes mistakes, and sometimes mediocre imagery, maybe even a curse word or two… because being true to who I am is what this whole blog is about. Grammar geeks…. y’all are just gonna have to forgive me ahead of time. I may not always spell things right, or capitalize things as they should be…. especially (i,I—- we have a love hate relationship) but I promise at some point you will laugh, maybe even cry or find something helpful…and even better you may just share one of my posts…… at least once lol. Either way I guarantee this will be a fun ride so lets see where it takes us!!

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