Crab Stuffed Chicken

Oh yeah you guys you read that right!! Allow me to blow your minds a little more….. it’s not only crab stuffed chicken its actually CHICKEN STUFFED WITH A CRAB MIX AND WRAPPED IN BACON!!!! WRAPPED IN BACON Y’ALL!!!!! Alright well lets get to it shall we. Below is listed the ingredients I used. large chicken breasts ( i used […]

What Am I Doing??

I ask myself this question daily! Girl… really it’s 2020 and you’re starting a blog, writing multiple coaching programs, running a custom designs business, managing a household, trying to build a strong marriage, taking on huge…..HUGE…..HHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE goals for 2020…… ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes. The answer is yes. But have no fear it’s the good kind of crazy. Besides who would […]

Recipes That Don’t Stress You Out!

Does the thought of searching for a recipe make you sweat? Anxiety kicks in wondering how many ads will pop up, videos will block your view of the recipe and for real y’all how many page clicks does it take to skip over all the drama and just get the damn recipe????!!!! Phew my stress level went up just thinking […]

Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise

THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL!!! This girl right here loves and I mean LOVES to eat!! But ask me to exercise… or tell me life depends on it and i’m going to fight you tooth and nail. Like I probably can’t hurt you because i’m not strong enough but I will smack a bitch if you come between me and […]

Hello world!

Hey Hey Hey everyone!! I am not gonna lie there is a lot of excitement about starting a blog and even more nervousness. But I am a shoot it straight open book type of person … so if you are looking for the frilly, everything looks perfect type of blog then I hate to burst your bubble but this IS […]